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12 September 2011

I found two new things to chow at the Flea this weekend. 

  1. Lonestar Empire's mesquite, 15 hour-smoked angus brisket sandwich, complete with homemade barbecue sauce, bread and butter pickles, and Texas-style potato salad. I really know nothing about meat—heck, I haven't been eating it most of my life—but this year I've become quite the carnivore. I can tell you this: sinking my fork into that brisket felt the same as digging into that cream pie. The brisket fell apart at the slightest fork nuzzle. I think that means something very good.
  2. Rachel’s Pies chocolate cream pie with homemade whipped cream and pretzel crust. Sweet and salty perfection. This was my reward to myself for having to stay inside Saturday afternoon to do work. Best reward ever. I will be spending a lot more time inside doing work this fall if Rachel’s Pies is always my payoff.

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