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16 July 2012

After an incredible four-course dinner at The Cooks’ House, we walked down the street and into exactly what I’ve always pictured heaven to look like: a table piled high with pies upon pies—and someone standing next to it handing me a fork. Grand Traverse Pie Company (my new favorite place on Earth) treated us to every one of their pies, and even let us taste test some new concoctions they’re working on. Two words: APPLE BACON. 

The shop’s story is just as sweet as its goods. When approaching their forties, Mike and Denise Busley realized something was missing. On a quest for “inner satisfaction, purpose, and passion,” they quit their jobs, packed up their family, and moved from San Diego to Northern Michigan to follow their dream of opening a pie shop. Sixteen years and as many locations later, the Busleys are living their dream daily, while also giving back to the community in a major way. 

If you’re a regular reader, you know I love many (aka, every) desserts. But when I really think about it, pie is my absolute favorite. I especially love Blueberry and Key Lime, and Grand Traverse Pie Company makes the best ones I’ve ever tasted in both categories. Spoiler alert: these pies were the highlight of my entire trip.

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