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17 May 2011

Green Goddess, New Orleans

Green Goddess is a place of wonder. “Healthy” cocktails (the trick is real fruit). Salads that sound sinful. And maybe most impressive: a sun-drenched sidewalk oasis tucked away on an almost silent pedestrian alleyway in the heart of the frenetic French Quarter.

We couldn’t have picked a better place for Cinco de Mayo lunch. That watermelon margarita? Best one I’ve ever had. (And I would know, seeing as it’s my signature drink and all.) Watermelon and lime (as in, they took a piece of both and threw it in the blender), Azunia tequila, and black Himalayan lava salt. Their take on the Pimm’s Cup was delicious and refreshing. New favorite place to drink in New Orleans.

And the salads! If you can get me to order a salad in New Orleans, well that’s pretty much a miracle. The top: Watermelon Mango Crab Salad (arugula topped with watermelon, mango, Laffitte blue crab, mango purée, chili salt, Honduran crema, and Saba); mine on the bottom: Strawberry and Blueberry Salad (arugula tossed in balsamic dressing, topped with candied pecans, honey goat cheese, roasted red onion, local strawberries and blueberries, and roasted Roma tomatoes). 

The tiny restaurant’s menu is probably the most eclectic I’ve ever come across. Just on the first page, I spotted all of these influences: Indian, Belgian, Honduran, Mexican, American, Creole, Hawaiian, Filipino, Cuban, Cherokee, Syrian, Southern, and Middle Eastern. The food perfectly complements all the eclectic, beautiful young hippies that are running this place.

Far and away my favorite new dining experience in New Orleans. Do not miss it. Infinite thanks to petitsbattements for the recommendation. 

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