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Always in favor of extraordinary flavor versus saving a few calories, I’m constantly seeking the best restaurants, recipes, and random little food finds. This blog chronicles my discoveries, most of which are located in New York City, the foodie heaven I am fortunate to call home.

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8 June 2012
Living so close to Smorgasburg is both a blessing and a curse. But 99% a blessing.
Dough’s dulce de leche donut; Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Living so close to Smorgasburg is both a blessing and a curse. But 99% a blessing.

Dough’s dulce de leche donut; Williamsburg, Brooklyn

12 September 2011

I found two new things to chow at the Flea this weekend. 

  1. Lonestar Empire's mesquite, 15 hour-smoked angus brisket sandwich, complete with homemade barbecue sauce, bread and butter pickles, and Texas-style potato salad. I really know nothing about meat—heck, I haven't been eating it most of my life—but this year I've become quite the carnivore. I can tell you this: sinking my fork into that brisket felt the same as digging into that cream pie. The brisket fell apart at the slightest fork nuzzle. I think that means something very good.
  2. Rachel’s Pies chocolate cream pie with homemade whipped cream and pretzel crust. Sweet and salty perfection. This was my reward to myself for having to stay inside Saturday afternoon to do work. Best reward ever. I will be spending a lot more time inside doing work this fall if Rachel’s Pies is always my payoff.

6 September 2011

This weekend I had a quick chow down at the Flea; Choncho’s fish tacos (my dining companion went with the meat tacos, but fried cod won all the way!) and a Brooklyn Soda Works Watermelon and Tarragon soda (refreshing, but Rhubarb Thai Basil is still my fave).

I’m running out of new things to try at the Flea! Next time I still must hit Milk Truck Grilled Cheese and Rachel’s Pies.

See my previous Flea food finds here.

15 July 2011

This weekend, skip brunch and head to the Brooklyn Flea’s Smorgasburg—100 food vendors (RIP SCRATCHbread) creating the ultimate picnic on Williamsburg’s waterfront. Here’s what I chowed last time I was there: Cheeky Monkey Foods’ Tomato Garlic Everything Oil (sweet and garlicky, I couldn’t get enough), Asiadog’s Thai-style Sidney Dog (relish, mango, cucumber, red onion, cilantro, crushed peanuts, and fish sauce…yeah doggie!), and Brooklyn Soda Works’ rhubarb and Thai basil soda (the freshest, most flavorful soda I’ve ever tasted).

What’s the best thing you’ve had there?

1 July 2011
Enjoy some Americana this weekend. 
Lobster roll, Red Hook Lobster Pound, Brooklyn Flea

Enjoy some Americana this weekend. 

Lobster roll, Red Hook Lobster Pound, Brooklyn Flea

14 June 2011

Behind the scenes with SCRATCHbread’s TOASTbar at Smorgasburg

Smorgasburg is an all food market in Williamsburg from the people behind the Brooklyn Flea. It hosts 100 food vendors—a mix between prepared food stands and greenmarket farmers. It is paradise.

For this venue, SCRATCHbread wanted to do something different—“play with food,” as owner Matthew Tilden put it. And so, TOASTbar. The menu is always changing, but we’ve had inventive open face sandwiches, griddled chai sticky buns, and an assortment of the classic baked goods. We partner with other vendors to seasonally enhance our offerings. 

Smorgasburg has been open for just one month, so things are constantly evolving. I highly recommend you come by for lunch—take the new East River Ferry, which just started running yesterday and will drop off right at the market entrance.

Cooking garlic in olive oil for tomato dunking sauce

Fresh ingredients

Chai sticky buns soaking in vanilla bean creme anglaise, waiting to be griddled

MOZZtoast: Rosemary and sea salt focaccia, stuffed with homemade-that-morning mozzarella, basil pesto, a squeeze of lemon

The Double Bourbon: bourbon wheat bread, a slab of butter, and orange bourbon marmalade from our neighbors at Maiden Preserves

The Garlic-ness: whole roasted garlic bulb with olive oil on sourdough

13 June 2011

Bread on a mission: SCRATCHbread, Brooklyn

About a year ago, I became infatuated with SCRATCHbread’s brownies. I couldn’t get enough of the fudgy cake sandwiching rich buttercream frosting, dusted with cocoa powder to cut the sweetness. But it wasn’t just the sugar rush that had me feeling good; I loved the positive vibes coming from the owner and staff, whose passion for food exuded from the Brooklyn Flea stand.

SCRATCHbread is a company with a mission: to make simple, wholesome food—from scratch with local ingredients—accessible to the community. Founder Matthew Tilden is so passionate about the concept (he has the company logo tattooed on his forearm for pete’s sake), that he bakes around the clock in his three-oven kitchen in Bed-Stuy, which was partially funded by a community campaign on Kickstarter last year. Before he had his own space, he baked bread in his friends’ and employers’ kitchens in the late nite off hours.

Enjoying life through food is one of my philosophies and goals. I love that after a vacation, it’s often that transcending meal you’ll remember most. That you can understand foreign cultures better through the cuisine. That food is so central in memories—the way grandma’s kitchen smelled during the holidays, or how one bite of your favorite childhood dish instantly transports you back home. Food really does bring people together; it unites families, communities, and strangers.

After listening to Matthew and SCRATCH employees describe a loaf of bread so passionately you’d think they were talking about their own offspring, I had to get involved. Earlier this year I started volunteering for SCRATCHbread at the Brooklyn Flea, and I now work with the company at Smorgasburg (more on this tomorrow). I love being around someone’s passion project, helping to create things that taste good and make people happy, seeing a brand come to life, and building a community of food lovers in New York. Talking with people who appreciate food and watching their faces change when they taste the products—it’s a uniting and empowering feeling.

Please watch this Food.Curated. video to better understand Matthew’s vision. 

Get involved: Apprenticeships and volunteering

SCRATCHbread is available at the Brooklyn Flea on Saturdays and Sundays, at Smorgasburg in Williamsburg on Saturdays, and at the kitchen’s retail window (1069 Bedford Ave.) on Wednesday evenings.

6 June 2011

Eating My Way Through the Brooklyn Flea, Part III

With friends in town for Memorial Day Weekend, we headed to the Brooklyn Flea for a massive chow down. 

Rampwurst (ramp and snap pea slaw on sausage) from Brooklyn Bangers. Super flavorful and juicy brat, inventive topping, soft potato bun. Exactly what summer should taste like. 

Lobster roll from Red Hook Lobster Pound. Just look at those huge chunks of lobsta, justifying the $16 price tag. Here’s a fascinating piece New York Magazine did last year about the NYC lobster roll craze

I’ve been resisting new vendor Dough all year, but finally splurged on one of their donuts (Chocolate Earl Gray). These are serious treats—they were huge!! Loved every last bite and even had to go back for the donut holes!

Read More

12 April 2011

Gourmet Food Truck Bazaar, Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market

On Sunday, the Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market kicked off the Gourmet Food Truck Bazaar, which will take place the second Sunday of each month through October. The half a dozen trucks’ lines ran smoothly, with no more than a 15-20 minute wait. (Besides Kimchi Taco Truck, which was out of control!)

Rickshaw Dumpling Truck's chicken and Thai basil dumplings, 6 for $6.

Kelvin Natural Slush Co. slushies, in Ginger-Raspberry and Ginger-White Peach, $3.

The Cinnamon Snail vegan donuts in S’mores and Maple Pecan, previously mentioned here and here.

11 April 2011
Wouldn’t Monday mornings be better with S’mores donuts? 
Can you believe this puppy is vegan?!
From the Cinnamon Snail food truck at the Hell’s Kitchen Gourmet Food Truck Bazaar. 

Wouldn’t Monday mornings be better with S’mores donuts? 

Can you believe this puppy is vegan?!

From the Cinnamon Snail food truck at the Hell’s Kitchen Gourmet Food Truck Bazaar

Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh