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20 May 2009

Conch Salad in the Bahamas: From the Ocean Floor Straight to my Belly

Conch Salad is a signature Bahamian dish. It’s made with raw conch (duh), onions, peppers, lime and orange juice, and other special spices. If you’re lucky, the salad will be prepared right in front of you, as documented above. Our guide Pat pulled the conch out of their shells by severing a hole in just the right spot. Then he chopped it up and added it to the other ingredients. And yes, those are sharks circling below.

The conch is straight from the ocean floor, caught that morning by Pat.

Here’s the end result. Now get in my belly!

Tags: The Bahamas
19 May 2009

Bahamas Dining Roundup

I just returned from five days in the extraordinary Exumas, the Bahamas’ most beautiful chain of islands. In the “Out Islands” there are no Bobby Flay restaurants, Starbucks, or even stoplights. The three main food options are: seafood, deep fried, or deep-fried seafood. Luckily for me, that is no problem at all.

I didn’t waste any time; my first meal on the island was the Bahamian specialty cracked conch (pronounced “konk”) at Club Peace and Plenty. Although it wasn’t the best I’d ever had, their conch fritters (think deep-fried poppers filled with a conch/bread mixture) more than made up for it.

This was my lunch the next day at Staniel Cay Yacht Club. Look familiar? Yup, cracked conch again, except this time it’s between two pieces of toast with mayo. This was actually called a “conch burger.”

Here’s what it looked like assembled.

Breakfast is the same in the Bahamas. Of course I had to have Staniel Cay’s french toast. Never mind I would be wearing a bikini and snorkeling in a few short minutes.

Another breakfast shot from Club Peace and Plenty. Sorry I wasn’t more adventurous with this meal.

And another conch burger, this time with cole slaw, from Chat ‘n Chill on Stocking Island, a small island you can only access by boat.

My last dinner of the trip was grouper fingers (“everybody’s favorite,” as the menu said) at Cheater’s. This was the best seafood I had the entire time.

And of course, what tropical vacation would be complete without a slice of key lime pie, my all-time favorite summer dessert. Club Peace and Plenty’s did not disappoint. Wash it down with a strawberry daiquiri and I call that a pretty successful vacation!

Tags: The Bahamas
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